Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Rude about Food

Well, I don't really have much to say today. Except that it seems that I have to work on my acceptance of things being "the way they are".

Yesterday I had the worst experience I have ever had in a restaurant, EVER. Including working in one, and dealing with irate customers, screaming kids and Hockey teams.

My friend and I sat down, and ordered dos cervezas, una patatas bravas para mi, y un espegetti bolognas para ello. The two beers came after about five minutes. The spaghetti came about ten minutes after that, and the server (who is also the owner) just dropped it off with no words and didn't even look at us. Ten minutes after that, I went to ask about my bravas. "Umm.. patatas bravas" "Si, si, bravas." with a casual wave as if to say I'm pestering here and its about to be at my table and why am I so impatient? So a few minutes later, it finally arrives. Thankfully my friend didn't wait for my food to arrive to start because otherwise his food would be cold.

The cook who dropped off my food (which is literally deep fried potato with a sauce on it) didn't apologize for the wait, or ask my friend how his food was.

The first bite I took was not cooked. It was firm in the middle. How disappointing!

I understand that it is not the culture here to tip, so I am not paying for the smile and service that I do in North America. I get that. But when did serving food in a restaurant become just so casual? I don't need a smile to enjoy my food, but being asked if there is anything else I need would be nice, and communication from the staff that my food is going to take 3x longer than my friends would also be appreciated.

I love Spain, but the standards for food service is undeniable shameful. I am a foodie, and all food experiences should be wonderful. You have ruined bravas for me. No Bueno.

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