Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Quality Control... Somebody's Gotta Do It!

I find myself with another quiet day, after the long weekend, and simply because it is summer I decided to take a day to do whatever I wanted. So with my day off, I decided to be somewhat productive. I realized that I have been telling myself for weeks now that I would bake cookies. Peanut butter cookies. With chocolate chips. So, ignoring the heat, I decided to bake some cookies to share with whoever comes over to my house in the next few days. (who am I kidding, no one comes over. It's just me and Colombia, and I know she'll eat a cookie or two) so I made a batch... I've quality control tested the batter and five cookies. I think they're good!! So if anyone wants to come over and eat some cookies with me, I suggest you get here quickly!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Well, it's been almost a month since I've posted, so I guess it's that time again. I haven't meant to be so neglectful this month, it just happened. Here's s quick re-cap on how I've been spending my days and what I've been up to: The beginning of the month brought about an uneasy anticipation. Things are happening very quickly these days in terms of the show and my life. I've been working out regularly and I feel better than I ever have before in life. It's a great feeling getting up every day at 9 am and going to the gym (not a stuffy office) and working out your muscles. I've swimming a little more regularily, as well as lifting my own body weight in press-ups and chin-up fashion. (well, that's with some assistance from the machine I'm using, but I swear I'm doing most of it myself!) men in the gym stare at me, and I'm sure at first it was because they were checking me out (I don't consider it a compliment, they would, check out a hippo if it had the face of a woman) but it think now it's out of jealous hatred. If I do say so myself, I'm looking quite good these days. My gym buddy (aka personal trainer, aka biggest critic) called me The Terminator this morning. Along with things moving quickly, many things also stopped. My BlackBerry stopped. And them my laptop stopped. Literally within days of each other. I had had my BB fixed just weeks before, and though she was being sensitive and somewhat cranky some days, she's no different than any other woman, so it's just something to deal with. But then she just stopped one day and refused to let me even BEG her to do anything (the trackpad stopped tracking...). I borrowed a friend's old BB as a replacement, and had just gotten it unlocked so as to be able to use it here when before I could update anything or load my contacts, my laptop decided to give up and die. I had come home very late from rehearsal on the Tuesday before my birthday and was just about to settle in to watch an episode of Game of Thrones when she shut off. Just like that. No goodnight, no see ya tomorrow, just nothing. I unplugged her. I plugged her back in. Nothing. I did it again. Nothing. I didn't even sigh, I just turned to my bed, crawled in and went to sleep. Two days later, I found out that it was her motherboard that died, so it would cost me roughly 3-400€ to fix it. Uumm.. On a 4 year old computer, I'm not sure that's my best option. So... I asked a friend if it's possible to rescue information off a computer without a motherboard and he said yes. Wonderful. Cut to me researching new computers and still having rehearsals every night as well as turning 28. Yes I've now had a birthday celebrated outside my lovely homeland, Canada! I celebrated by having lunch with my good friend Seattle, and going to the theatre for a 9:30-11:30pm rehearsal. ... Okay, that's not really celebrating. (During rehearsal I also had to put out fires, metaphorically, and analyse a precarios situation concerning missing beer and the idea that the play was cursed because someone said something you NEVER say in a theatre EVER a few weeks ago. We never did get the beer back). After rehearsal, I went to a friend's house. He had bought me flowers and really nice bottle of wine. I had one drink and was drunk. It's not often that I am drunk, and certainly not on one glass of red wine. That was when I remembered that my last and only meal was with Seattle. At noon. Le sigh. I drank a lot of water and went to bed. The next day, we went to play football, which is quickly becoming a tradition on our Saturday mornings as Barbados and his roommate Liverpool used to play quite regularily back home and cannot stand to let a week pass without kicking it around a bit. Barbados is teaching me, yes me, some tricks to handling the ball, and while I think we both know I'm somewhat of of a lost cause when it comes to sports, I think it's sweet that he takes the time to show me how to do something right. After that, it was on to the beach to laze around, soak up the sun and have a few drinks. We met more friends there and had a great time. Dinner came next and back to a friend's for more hanging out it was late to bed and early to the gym the next day, but it was worth it. In all, 28 doesn't seem so bad just yet. Since my birthday, I have also completed stage managing a show. The Secret of Annabelle Veritas happened this last weekend. It was loads of stress and many late nights filled with working out logistics and making sure my actors and director keep it together, but it worked out because the shows were a success. The audiences were good, though smaller than we had hoped for, and the actors had a great time performing. My stage hands were fantastic and in between every scene change we strategized the next move so that by Sunday night we just had to look at each other to know what everyone was doing. Yesterday, after much debate, and many trips to ask questions and bother sales people, along with researching products online, I finally made my final decision and purchased my new device to replace my laptop. I went with the iPad 3! It will do everything I currently (and foreseeable future) require, and it is lightweight, super portable and easy to use. I have nothing bad to say about it and I've even stated to get used to typing on it! (that, and I'm kicking ass as Barry Steakfries in the Jetpack game I downloaded yesterday- seriously, if you can, get it, it's fun!) So that's all for now for me. We'll see what adventures June will bring when it gets here. Tell me what is going on with you :)