Wednesday, January 21, 2015

I'm Sorry, Was I Standing In Your Way?

To the woman on the L5 today at 5:10,

If my presence on the metro is an inconvenience to you, you are welcome to pay for me to take a taxi to work.

If my holding on to the handrail so as not to risk falling down or bumping into anyone while on my short ride to my class is an inconvenience to you, you are welcome to pay for me to take a taxi to work.

And finally, if my body is in the space in which you deem necessary to occupy with your own body, and that of your friend, you are welcome to pay for me to take a taxi to work.

Otherwise, I will thank you to not try to walk through my body or any of my limbs while getting on the metro.


The person who you tried to walk through today.

Yes, this actually happened. I would love to just call her the B-word and get on with my day, but this is actually how people here are. They have no concept of the people around them, and no consideration for the space they occupy and how that might affect the people around them. Just last week, I had a person put their arm, literally, infront of my face in order to hold on to the handrail in the metro.. Just ask dude, I don't want your arm hair tickling my nose. Also, its a full metro, so relax, your arm sweat is also not appealing.

The people here grow up without being told to mind the other people sharing space with them. Children are let free in restaurants and on metros, free to swing around, or run around, bump into things or people and not apologize. Just last week, again, a student of mine who is five kicked me in the shin. Her mother, standing right there, said the girl's name in a gentle warning voice and turned to me to apologize. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!  If that was me and I kicked someone infront of my parents, I would be scolded, made to apologize and sent to the corner for a time out. All this kid got was an eye-roll. WHAT IS THAT GOING TO TEACH ANYONE?!

So I guess when I get angry at inconsiderate people on the metro, my response shouldn't be "some people, geez!" it should be "I'm sorry your parents did a terrible job of raising you, but could you grow up and get a clue?"

*sigh* and that is why I choose to walk with the wanderers on the sidewalk most of the time.

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  1. You would not have been sent for a time out - we hadn't heard about time outs - You would have probably been spanked - because we were still able to do that!!!!! I am glad though we raised you with consideration for others & manners